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Nurses Month Week 1

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Nurses Month Week 1. Self-Care

It’s Nurses Month and Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) is proud to participate in the first week of this event, which focuses on self-care. HNHN is a free nurse wellness initiative that is open to all. Nurse self-care is more vital than ever now as we face the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying stress, isolation, and anxiety. Each day we will send you a hope-filled message with a #healthynurse wellness story and helpful tips to help improve your quality of life, nutrition, physical activity, safety, and rest. For even more wellness tips, challenges, contests, resources, and more. Join NOW to access a free 1 year Headspace PLUS subscription.

Quality of Life

Matthew Padgett

#healthynurse SPOTLIGHT

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing student Matthew Padgett

Stress is a familiar companion for most people in the nursing field — especially nursing students. To proactively address and eliminate stress, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing student Matthew Padgett focuses on mindfulness and meaningful interactions.

“I try to have a lot of intention with how I spend my time and the actions I choose to take,” said Matthew. “It’s important to my health that I set aside time for meditation and mindfulness.”     

HNHN Work-Life Balance TIPS

Today we’ll start with work-life balance, which describes how much time and attention you give to your occupation compared to yourself, family, friends, and leisure. Nursing, with long shifts and stressful situations, makes it challenging to achieve that balance. Here are some quick, easy ideas to help: