Nurses Week 2023: Honoring Nurses

National Nurses Week starts annually on May 6th and also ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday celebration. These irreversible days improve preparation and also position Nationwide Registered nurses Week as a well-known acknowledgment event. Since 1998, May 8 was marked as National Pupil Nurses Day, to be celebrated yearly. And also as of 2003, National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday within National Nurses Week (May 6-12) annually.

The nursing occupation has actually been sustained and also promoted by the American Nurses Organization (ANA) since 1896. Each of ANA’s state and territorial registered nurses organizations promotes the nursing occupation at the state as well as local degrees. Each carries out parties on these days to recognize the contributions that nurses and also nursing make to the area.

The ANA supports as well as urges National Nurses Week acknowledgment programs with the state and district nurses organizations, other specialized nursing organizations, academic facilities, and also independent health care companies and institutions.

ANA Enterprise joins the World Health Organization (WHO) and global colleagues in extending the Year of the Nurse into 2023. This recognition builds on the increased visibility of nurses’ contributions from 2023 and ANA’s expansion of National Nurses Week to Nurses Month in May.

TheAgapeCenter and ANAyearofthenurse Join Forces

We, the team of, are very proud to be able to present our new partnership with to our customers and visitors. With the new, expanded expertise of our now even larger team of scientific staff, we are able to offer interested parties even more articles, services and reviews in the fields of health, nutrition and well-being.

We decided to take this step because we have been in close cooperation with for a long time and this cooperation, also for us as, has so far proven to be very successful, effective and exciting. For this reason, after some consideration, we have entered into a long-term and binding partnership with Agape, which brings us and our readers many advantages.

On the one hand, a larger team of experts naturally enables us to write a larger number of articles and reviews, on the other hand, the more expertise also gives us the opportunity to write about even more health and lifestyle topics than you are used to from us anyway.

In the question and answer section, which you will find below, we will once again briefly address the most pressing questions regarding the new cooperation. You will also find an overview of the extended subject area of our articles there.

What was the idea behind

Agapecenter’s excellently trained team of experts has made it its task – like us at ANAyearofthenurse – to inform the readers in detail and competently about relevant topics regarding health and well-being, to create test reports and to report on the latest trends in the health system.

Why the cooperation with ANAyearofthenurse?

Starting with the campaign launched by WHO to raise awareness of the important work of nurses around the world, we have decided to continue this campaign. However, we are not just limiting ourselves to the issue of nurses; in the long term, we are more interested in paying more attention to health issues. Not only to protect the nurses and the respective hospitals from overwork through prophylaxis, but also to give the population more information about well-being and health in general.

Which topics will we deal with in the future?

Our goal is to provide our readers with a broad range of specialist knowledge on medical topics such as military health, physical and mental health, new trends in fitness, sports and nutrition and well-being in general. Our broad team of experts is able to deal with almost any specific topic in the field of health to provide the latest and most important trends in these areas.

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