Nurses are available in every health care setting. Be it where you live, learn, play, or where you go to worship. They are present everywhere and directly associated with bringing a positive change in the well-being of society.

Therefore you could say their contribution is unparalleled.

Nurses make sure that they are trusted advocates who always enable quality care for everyone. Also, they try to work towards the goal of providing quality care in terms of patient service and providing a human touch in healthcare.

This is why ANA has selected the evergreen theme which is Nurses Make a Difference! Hence, we have tried our best to honor the services and the time that they have dedicated to improving the overall health structure.

There have been a number of policies that have been outlined when nurses influenced the decision-makers for the betterment of society.

You could say that It is only because of them that Americans have been able to get access to the highest quality care when it comes to health coverage and affordability factor.

This is what makes a month-long celebration by ANA so special for all the nurses out there.