Nurses Month Week 2

We dedicate the second week of Nurses Month to recognizing nurses past and present. On Monday, May 11 is Remembrance Day as we take a moment from our day to honor our health heroes – nurses and health care workers who have passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tuesday is the 200th Anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Get to know the founder of modern medicine better through our interactive activities commemorating her accomplishments. Think you know her already, take our trivia quiz and find out! During Week 2, you can also read first-hand accounts from nurses working on the frontlines, what motivates them to continue to serve their patients, and what the profession means to them. You will also be able to see the faces of nursing through the amazing photographs they have submitted from around the world. Feeling inspired? submit your own story or photo to our gallery. Do you have a tribute you would like to share about a special nurse or just wish to recognize nurses in general? Complete the form on our recognition page and feel the love we have for nurses from the posts submitted by other visitors. Our second week is packed with activities, stories and tributes to commemorate all that nurses and the nursing profession has done for health care.

Notes of Gratitude

Add your tribute to our nurses month recognition wall…for a nurse who made an impact either in your care or that of a loved one, a thank you to a colleague, family or friend, or a general acknowledgement to all nurses for all they do.


Thank Melissa Beabout for your service at UF

My daughter Melissa has risked her life for over 11 years, first in the Navy as a Hospital Corman and now as a RN, Charge Nurse. She goes to work does her work and beyond! At this time there are 9 Nurses out Just in her Unit due to them testing positive for COVID. I pray my daughter nor any more first responders don’t get sick. These folks are being over worked, their lives are in danger and they are not getting hazard pay! 🦋💜💝🙏

Thank you Jesus we are all in this together ❤️

I work at Fonda Specialty Care in Fonda Iowa! I am a nurse. I see the CNAs work so very hard. Not only them but every department has stepped up to help! It has changed the residents way of living. I work at the best Care Center ever. With help from God we are all in this together❤️


I am grateful to the Operating Room Nurses who are on the front line of our fight against COVID 19. These brave nurses staff the Drive Thru Clinic and Surveillance Clinic here at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VAMC. They have been faithful to the continued health and safety of our Veteran population for many weeks. They work outside of their comfort zone in the elements daily. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate their selfless dedication.

We See You!

Dear Nurses,

We see you, we see your sacrifice and your commitment to our profession. We see you fighting this pandemic, even when it may not be the safest time to do so. We also see your warrior wings, and we thank you! Not just for today, but for every single shift you work during this pandemic.

Gloria E. Barrera, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN

Thank you my weekend supervisor!!

Sherry Camley is a lovely person and
Very smart nurse. She puts out little fires everywhere… with wonderful communication skills that usually includes a laugh. She is a treasure.

Thank You My Fellow Nurses

Thank you for all that you do. For handling the long shifts, the grateful and ungrateful patients and family, and sometimes even staff, the long hours without being able to care for yourself because you need to care for others and dont have enough help so that you can go pee. As a registered nurse myself, I understand what you experience within this career. IFor those who are away from their loved ones due to health and safety concerns and put of love, I pray you may soon return to them. I pray for your health both physically and mentally. This battle is great, but you are greater. With love and much gratitude, Nurse Jean.

Inadequate Words

Nurse to nurse, I am thankful for all you do. There really are no words that can adequately express the gratitude you deserve. Your hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and caring spirit do not go unnoticed. While overwhelming at times, the work you do pays back ten-fold. YOU are touching & changing lives.


In this profession we see the worst, but we also witness the extraordinary moments and everything in between. Through this pandemic I have been honored to stand next to my colleagues and witness strength, perseverance, and resilience not just by nurses but by our patients, family, friends, and frontline healthcare and non-healthcare heroes. We have been heroes long before covid-19 and will remain heroes long after. Besides our brilliant brains, we are also blessed with delivering care and compassion. In those moments where we think we will not prevail; I shine a light by smiling. Something so simple but when a patient smiles back with even the faintest smile, it makes even the hardest bearable.

You Rock!!

I would like to recognize my peers for their outstanding ability to work through new processes, be open to learning and work as a team! This is an unprecedented time and I could not be more proud of my profession! Thank you for doing what you do everyday!!

Thanks to Etiosa Uwumarogie

Special note of thanks to Etiosa Uwumarogie, the chief nursing officer at Columbus LTACH in Newark, NJ. He went in to fix ventilators for patients in need and became infected by stepping out of uniform to wearing scrubs and working on the frontline. After 3 weeks battling the virus, he is heading back to work to do what he knows best…taking care of people! Thanks a million for a brave and courageous nurse !!!!


As a SDU RN, just want to give a huge Thank You to all the nurses at ANA who partnered with Hilton for accommodating my 3 week stay in light of the COVID response efforts. I paid little to nothing for some piece of mind – knowing I’m keeping my family at home far away from me but most importantly, safe. I hope we have the ability to do this more often – especially during nurses week! Thank you so much again. 🤍

RN Supervisor

I’m grateful for the entire staff at Maplewood Healthcare in how they comfort families who cannot see their loved ones through daily calls, facetime and window visits. The joy that I witness in both families and patients faces is Priceless!

Nurse practitioner

I am so very grateful because for the first time ever I’m not being allowed to see patients. Although I think this terribly unfair, I am grateful to every nurse who has rushed his or her life for the patients I do dearly care about. Without you my patients would be abandoned. Thank you. I’m so proud to be in the profession and so sorry I can stand by you to help.
Practice good infection control hygiene. That’s how I’ve made it to 72 without being sick from a communicable disease. Stay well and stay safe. Natalie D Garry GNP



With gratitude and pride

Thank you all for your commitment to caring for our patients no matter what the circumstances. Job well done.

Thank you for being you

Grateful to have so many colleagues who are nurses, many who are providing direct care and others like myself who are meeting the needs of clients/veterans in other ways. I salute you and your families everyday for the change that has occurred in order for you to keep doing what you are doing as a nurse. A group I ma proud to belong since 1978.
May your health stay strong, and your heart’s with love .

RN,BSN, CCRC – research nurse

As a registered nurse starting the 41st year of my career (so I am in my 60s) I am grateful to all the nurses at the bedsides around our country, our region and the world.. I have read some harrowing and heart warming stories on the intranet and my heart breaks for every colleague, known and unknown, who is at the forefront of this battle. . I pray every night that they get through another shift, day, week, month etc with enough PPE and support to avoid getting sick themselves. I am grateful that I work in pediatrics and our numbers of children badly effected by this in our region have been very low. I am grateful to support the rest of the organization’s mission by working remotely, because my job only involves being directly with research patients for very limited numbers of hours. I am not the healthiest I have ever been in my lifetime and am worried about actually getting sick with this virus. But I know that the nurses who would care for me if I do will do everything in their power to help me recover. Bless you all and be safe!

Gratitude to a team-oriented group of healers

I feel honored & truly grateful to work among the group of nurses at the Montefiore-Wakefield NY campus who worked diligently & resiliently in taking care of each & every patient who came through the doors. We stuck together, worked as a team, remained professional – at the same time rendering the best care we could under this serious pandemic that pounced upon us. May a God continue to bless us as we carry out our mission of healing & saving lives.

Thank you!!!

As a registered nurse I want to thank all my amazing co-workers during this stressful time. I am truly blessed to work with an amazing team!!!

General Thank You

As a Registered Nurse myself, for many years, working in various areas of nursing and Healthcare, I feel very grateful for this wonderful profession of sacrifice and hard work but what brings much joy than being an agent in healing and restoration of people’s health. I salute my colleagues and friends who are working on the frontline everyday and putting themselves and their families at risk at this time to control the COVID -19 Virus. May God’s blessing and protection be with you all.

#ElmhurstStrong #BehavioralHealthNurses

When Covid-19 came knocking on the door of Elmhurst Hospital, although the staff were not quite prepared, they answered without hesitation. Understandably the ER, ICUs and Med-Surg units were hit the hardest, behavioral health did not go unscathed. We saw our fair share of covid-19 cases, both patients and staff. We lost both patients and staff to this terrible disease. We dealt with the anxiety and fears of both patients and staff. Through it all, the staff in behavioral health persevered. Some even volunteered and trained to assist in the med-surg units. Many also volunteered to work on our behavioral health covid-unit. I so admire the staff here. I am impressed and humbled at the way everyone came together and supported each other. Thank you Elmhurst Nurses for what you did and what you continue to do for our patients!

Gratitiude for the Chronic Pain advocates in nursing

I truly feel as though I stand among some of the most compassionate nurses. Many aspects of the currently way of life has allowed managing chronic pain patients to become essential and my colleagues have really risen to the challenge. Lots of heart felt appreciation for them and nurses in all fields. Truly professional individuals!


I am a grateful Nurse- BLESSED to have been an Army Nurse and then a Civilian Nurse! I currently work with the ID population and am grateful to all the Nurses for everything that they do and stand for with this population. I am particularly grateful TO & FOR Jane Jessell for exemplifying strength in Nursing Leadership throughout ALL the ups, downs, twists and turns especially related to our current pandemic and its effects on our Organization…THANK YOU, Jane for DOING and BEING ALL to SOoooo Many! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

RN – Clinical Educator

NCH Nurses and staff. So blessed to be part of this team, especially during this current crisis. Thank you for all you have done and are doing for the patients of our community. In this time of uncertainty you have let your lights shine through. Your hard work, commitment, and true devotion to the care of patients shows and is not unrecognized. I know our patients, families and community are so very grateful and thankful for all you do.

Happy Nurses Month

I am grateful for the nurse that held my had during my minor office procedure. It wouldn’t seem like much to most, but it meant the world to me!!

Agile response to COVID-19

Thanks to Laurie Ecoff, PhD, RN, Vice President of the Sharp HealthCare Caster Institute for Nursing Excellence, for your and your team’s agile response to the COVID-19 crisis through workforce development, in collaboration with entity clinical nurse specialists. Thanks for all you do – each and every day,. #sharp

Team G6 RCH

I’m truly grateful to be working with a team of nurses and nurses aides who embraces the ideals of teamwork. I thank them for their resilience and dedication especially during the COVID-19 surge in our hospital/community. Amazing, unbreakable spirit!!!


I am grateful for all Nurses because in some way or another WE are ALL LifeSavers. Nurses are the ones that will sit at the bedside and hold your hand, pray, laugh, encourage or when the time is
drawing near will help with all of the arrangements to make the transition smooth. So thanks to every Nurse everywhere all over and around the world. Thanks for being a LifeSaver.

Thank you

I am grateful to all of my fellow nurses where I work in Roswell,NM. They all deserve a BIG thank you for all they do. Thank you Casa Maria Nurses! You are all loved abd needed.

Thank you

I am grateful to all of my fellow nurses where I work in Roswell,NM. They all deserve a BIG thank you for all they do. Thank you Casa Maria Nurses! You are all loved and needed.

Thank you

I am grateful for all of the nurses at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and all of the nurses across the country. I am ever so proud to be a nurse. Thank you to the nurse case managers on my team who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment and dedication to our patients, families and each other.

So Proud

They each as individuals and collectively have done our profession proud!

Who We Are

I’m grateful to all nurses, each in their role, whatever it may be. This is what we’ve trained for; we’re experiencing the greatest health care need in many decades. I’m so proud of what we represent- skill, knowledge, science, kindness, trust, bravery, and yes, joy too.
Whether you work in the ICU, education, management, home care, SNF, mental health, the emergency department, mother-baby, or anywhere else…… know you matter and THANK YOU

Passionate daughter

First I would like to thank all my colleagues for doing what we do , Service to Humanity. I want to especially thank my daughter who is following in her mother’s footsteps to be best as she travels to family homes as a case manager during this COVID-19. You are appreciated Dominque MClean and keep during what you do by making a difference in people’s lives.,

Love you

A true Advocate

Kari-Care Now nurse. Thank you for being such a great advocate in many ways when I needed ongoing care and referral to a specialist. Checking up on me and caring about how I was doing in the midst of my illness was so helpful and inspiring to me. Forever grateful!

To ALL who risk their lives everyday for the sake of others!!

I am grateful to all of my fellow nurses. You all work extremely hard and selflessly to care for those in need. We often push ourselves past our limits to ensure others are taken care of. We cannot be successful without one another. Thank you for all that you do!!

Nurse Educators at Avila and Webster Universities

Thank you to all the nurse educators that nurture compassion and practice integrity in their students. You shaped the best nurses out there!

Texas Nurses

I’m grateful for our nurses in Texas and want to show my appreciation for their sacrifices, unconditional dedication and commitment to Texas seniors, adults and children from our cities and remotes Texas areas! We love, admire and respect you all! Thank you!

Grateful heart

I am grateful for the selfless and compassionate nurses that I work with at Rose Senior Living in Avon, Ohio everyday! I am grateful to also work with an amazing Director of Health Services and Human Being: Deanna Jenkins. My sister, best friend, and both nieces are also incredible nurses who help make this world a better place. Kudos to all the nurses on the front lines. Much love and respect.

Thank you

I am grateful for a wonderful nurse leader named Ana Caraballo. She is a great nurse and mentor. She has taught me so much about compassion and gratitude. I am the caring competent nurse I am today because of her guidance. She is committed to health care equality and serving communities with barriers that include language and social economics.

I love Chau Dao, BSN and my mom. Both Nurses.

I sent the following to my mom for mothers day. This is a true Mothers Day Story. When my sister was 13 years old she dove into the shallow part of a neighbors pool and became a quadriplegic. My sister is 62 years old and still alive today because of my mom. My father died young leaving her with five children no money and a mortgage. My sister has a masters degree in psychology from the New School of Social Research Graduate Faculty because of my mom. My mom is 92 years old.

I think your mom is also a great mom.
Happy Mothers Day.

My mom is a nurse and Sunday is Mothers Day.

My Mother Kept A Nurse’s Garden

My Mother kept a Nurse’s garden,
A Nurse’s garden of the heart.
She planted all the good things
That gave my life its start.
She turned me to the Rising Sun
And encouraged me to dream.
Fostering and nurturing
The seeds of nursing for self-esteem.
And when the winds and rain came,
She protected me enough.
But not too much because she knew
I’d need to stand up for those
that where not strong enough.
Her constant good example
Always taught me right from wrong.
I am my Mother’s nurse’s garden.
I am her legacy.
And I hope today she feels the love
Reflected from her nursing.

Tom {TL}

Memorial East

Thank you to the staff of Memorial Hospital East Shiloh IL and all theei hard work during this epidemic.

Bravery in motion

Being a nurse for over 40 years, I am no longer on the front lines, but my niece , Christina Schroeder works in ICU in Detroit, one of the hardest hit Covid hotspots. She doesn’t talk too much about what she is seeing but I know its some of the hardest work she will ever do. I commend her and all of her staff for being strong and showing up everyday. You do make a difference.! Thank Thank Thank you

DMC Sinai-Grace Nurses

Experiencing the COVID-19 surge was exceptionally challenging for our hospital. Swimming in fear, anger, and despair certainly tests every nurse’s resilience. For nurses who naturally empathize and advocate for those who are suffering, the environment can quickly become traumatic. However, despite the burden and trauma, I could say that my nursing colleagues and leaders were exceptionally crucial in aiding and leading us through the crisis. Nurses are the greatest advocates and resource for other nurses. Thank you Sinai Grace nurses.

My fellow nurses, colleagues, preceptors and mentors

Thank you for the love and dedication to the profession and our various communities. Thank you for your daily support, and care to our patients and citizens of this amazing nation. Thank you for training and guiding me to be the best I can be both in the profession and in my personal life. Thank you for showing us what resilience is and being available when called. Thank you all for being our heros, helping the doctors, admin, janitors, patients, visitors, pharmacist, dietitians, PT, OT and ST staff. Thank you sooo much! We are blessed to have you all.

Because you care

I am grateful for nurses who go to work knowing that they put themselves at risk, not just physically but emotionally. I am grateful that you are there for those who are suffering alone and may die alone. I know that you are suffering for you. My heart and gratefulness if yours.

Director of Health Services

Rose Senior Living Avon Nurses: I am beyond grateful for each of you and the added compassion you have extended during this pandemic! Marlene Robles, Lisa Osborne, Carmen Ramos, Dawn Kieler, Celia Romano, Anne Lehmann, Denise Smith, Amanda Kaluscak, Kathy DeCato, you go above and beyond every day and it does not go unnoticed. Thank you for your continued dedication. You truly are an inspirational group of nurses!!


I am incredibly grateful for the nurses that I work with daily. Their compassion, flexibility and love for our residents is evident each and every day. Their ability to roll with the punches during these uncertain times, with continual policy and procedural changes, leaves me not only proud of them but confident that their hearts are in it for all the right reasons! We are blessed with strong nursing leadership and feel confident that our facility’s leaders will continue to support all of us and provide us with the guidance that we need daily to stay confident that we will all get through this together!

To all Health Care Workers

Thanks to all the frontline healthcare workers and other responders who are fighting this pandemic, risking their lives and those of their loved ones. This is an unprecedented time, and no one single person or group can take credit for it…From PCA’s, Nurses, Housekeepers, Dietary etc..Thank you all!

Grateful for our #EcumenStrong Nurses

I am incredibly grateful for our amazing team of #EcumenStrong nurses. Everyday they live and demonstrate the Ecumen values of Innovate-Empower-Honor-Serve. I am in awe of their immensely deep passion, their caring spirit, and their relentless pursuit of quality and to be the best. The lead with expertise and heart. They set the highest standards and work tirelessly to raise them even further. In the midst of this pandemic, mostly importantly, they love and support those we serve while their families and loved ones cannot visit them. Thank you, Ecumen Nurses.

For Patrick’s Nurses

In 1999, a team of bone marrow transplant nurses at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center took care of our Patrick (Barnes) whose ITP was out of control. The compassionate and sensitive care these nurses gave Patrick and our family compelled us to express our gratitude to nurses. So The DAISY Award was born. To Karen Bidwell, Ann Blake, Andi Bowen, Patti Daraskavich, Susan Irish, Ken Kanfoush, Karen Kuster, Diane Lynn, Lynn Maleta, Vivian Markle, Juanita Merriweather, Terrie Paine, Susan Pambianco, Peggy Stufflebeam, Debra Thomas, Jocelyne Wahl, Robert Young and no doubt others whose names we don’t know – you are in our hearts forever! Thank you for holding us close then. We serve the nursing profession because of your dedication to extraordinary compassionate care..

Thankful hearts

Ledwena was the nurse assigned to my daughter at the moment of her birth. Since we worked in the same hospital, we had met before but never in these circumstances. My daughter was 6 weeks early and begin having respiratory distress within the hour of her birth. Though she tried to prevent the NICU visit, Ledwena was quick to bring her to me for a few moments, explain what was happening, and then swept her to the NICU, where she stayed for two weeks. We were so blessed for Ledwena who was able to calm the fears of a nurse who “knows too much and too little”. For the past 15 years, on Abigail’s birthday, I say a prayer for Ledwena asking the Lord to bless her. And then I send her the newest picture of my girl! Thank you to all the NICU nurses out there! You make a difference.

More than a hero- my best friend

I am grateful for my best friend who is a nurse in Tucson. She is in an area that decreased patient care, so she volunteered to go into the ICU to care for the sickest patients. She has a strength, wisdom, and passion for nursing that I aspire to. I have never known a truer advocate or better friend. Thank you Iman Atiyeh!


The staff of Calvary Hospital, 6 South & 6 North thank you for going above and beyond for our patients. You all stepped up in a scary pandemic! Thanks for all your dedication and Caring hearts! Love you guys, Maureen PSM

Nurse recognition

I am incredibly grateful to our nurse manager, Dana Streeter for her planning and organizing of our nursing team during this difficult and stressful time. She has shown great leadership

She has NYC School Nurses in her hands

I am proud to be a NYC School Nurse and Proud to thank Ms. Gail Adman Director of Nursing with the NYC Office of School Health. Ms. Adman is the Director of Nursing for approximately 1800 school nurses. Prior to this pandemic she has always been committed to the school children of NYC as she says “the children are the center of everything we do”. Ms. Adman was the first NYC nurse to be activated during this COVID 19 , working 7 days a week. She fearlessly supports the Office of School health Team. Ms. Adman recognizes that the work environments are very stressful and uncertain. She interprets the reality wile showing her team that we are all in this together and that we will get through this together. She is a true leader and a servant to her nursing team as we collectively serve during Covid19. Ms. Adman never loses the light and we can count on her strength. Thank you Ms. Gail Adman NYC Office of School health Director of Nursing

From the heart, gratitude and appreciation

Working with the consummate professional nurses at the American Nurses Association has allowed me the opportunity to see the complexity and diversity of nurses and the profession. I am honored to work along side of these professional women and men whose primary concern is the health and quality of life of others. Such compassion and dedication to their fellow humans should never go unnoticed or unappreciated. So, from my heart, thank you for making this world a healthier world, one patient at a time.

Thank you!

I’m grateful that you are advocating for nurses everywhere!
Thanks for all you do.

Thank you!

I am grateful for nurses because of what they give of themselves to care for others, especially at this time. To all nurses, THANK YOU for what you do!

Thank you

Lenora Tso. Thank you for always being the guiding light for me. I admire and appreciate who you are as an empowered woman of our community and as a nurse. When I have a question or thoughts to clarify, I automatically think….’Lenora knows, i’ll ask her’.


I had eye surgery at the Cape Fear Eye Clinic where a nurse named Alicia took care of the preparation details for my surgery. She did an outstanding job, was very attentive, and took care of all the virus concerns during my stay.

Nursing is a Family Thing

I come from a family of Awesome Nurses including my Grandmother who never held a Nursing Degree but definitely embodied what it means to be a Nurse and inspired all of us to be the nurses we are today. I watched my mother persevere through an abuse marriage, caring for an ailing/dying parent, raising children/grandchildren and all the while holding down at least 2 jobs at all times; to go on and get her Master’s Degree in Nursing. Then watch my daughter venture out on her own straight out of high school into college to get her Bachelors Degree in Nursing and now she is working for a VA Hospital and has an almost 1yr daughter, severe and debilitating Dyshidrotic Eczema she will be taking on Graduate School to become a Nurse Practitioner. I am inspired daily by these 2 to keep pushing myself to get my degree past LVN soon. They will never know what they mean to me and to the Nursing Community. I could go on and on about my mother’s accomplishments in Nursing but understand that this is just supposed to be brief.  Mom-Carol Villareal, RN MSN; Daughter-Alexandria Martinez, RN BSN


I am grateful for my manager Lisa Gregory. She shows incredible strength, compassion, and support during this covid response to our nation. She is always checking up on us and making sure we are taken care of. The crisis affects all of us in so many ways but she does her best to make sure our questions are answered and goes above and beyond to help resolve issues. I am extremely thankful for her superior leadership and guidance. Happy Nurses Week!


I love nurses

Being a nurse is one of the most gratifying and wholesome professions that any caring human being could have! The ability to impact the lives of others on a daily basis is one of the biggest spiritual gifts on earth.

Nurses are LifeSavers

I am grateful for a Nurse because it was a Nurse that taught me everything I know about the profession of Nursing. It is because of that Nurse that I have worked as an adjunct instructor. I wanted to give back to the profession that has given so much to me. Over, the years I have seen so many changes. I remember wearing Nurses caps and white dresses, I remember when Nurses worked mostly in hospitals or schools. But now Nurses are writing their own tickets and calling all of the shots. We are LifeSavers. I am so proud to be a part of a profession that gives back to so many. I am Nursing and I love ❤️ what I do.

Thank you for the care and friendship you gave my mom

When my mom was in the stem cell transplant unit at Georgetown University Hospital., the nurses became an extension of our family. I knew that when I couldn’t be there, they would advocate for my mom and make sure she had the best care possible. Their kindness also gave my mom friends with which she could laugh, chat, and feel normal with during a time that was otherwise isolating and lonely for her. Almost 20 years later and I still think of that team of amazing nurses often.