Our Nurses

Stories of Gratitude and Support

I want to provide the biggest applause to my best friend Sara. While battling cancer cells, she researched to come to be an NP, looked after her youngsters, held down her home as the sole fan, and also is a buddy, coach, and also supporter of her friends and family. Sara, you are incredible!!

I wish to send out a big shout out to my manager Michelle Sommers at the VA in Union Grove for being the most caring, understanding, as well as hard-working nurse I know. She always exists to provide an aiding hand when required as well as an open door when you need a person to speak to. Many thanks!!

I want to identify Dr. Carol Moriarity, Educator. Carol puts her whole being into sharing her competence as well as generating the very best Nurses right into the career. Students soon realize exactly how fortunate they are to have gained from her! They share that their success would be to make her pleased!

This is for my sibling Irma. She is presently a Peds registered nurse. She has always enjoyed kids, building fantastic partnerships with her patients and their moms and dads. I have actually seen her returned really exhausted every evening but ready to come back up. She is the factor I am researching nursing!

To all my nursing and also health care household, I want you all to recognize that someplace along the road you motivated me, urged me, brought me, and also lifted me. Without the support of a solid team, good changes, and also fantastic outcomes would be few and far between.

I’m a team leader as well as just wanted to give a proclaim to my entire team of registered nurses. They work tirelessly to care selflessly for our patients. supplying comfort, assistance, as well as support 24/7. Also in the most difficult and most heart-wrenching conditions, they provide premium care.


I want to recognize all the student nurses I work with on a day to day basis. What is considerable for me as an instructor is providing moral support as well as allowing trainee nurses understand that they are not alone on this journey which I am always there for them. You are members of an one-of-a-kind sisterhood, and you all play an essential duty. I inform my students that they may have to tackle duties that are unknown to them due to the pandemic, yet due to their ability to adapt in any circumstance, they are much needed. Their knowledge, compassion, and excitement are valued. As someone with years of experience working with brand-new as well as seasoned registered nurses, I have actually seen just how nursing has evolved as well as encourage registered nurses to stay focused, established objectives that are reasonable as well as require time to look after themselves.

During this difficult time, Keith has actually risen to the celebration. He is steadfast, his job ethic remarkable, supportive of his colleagues, as well as empathetic in the direction of his individuals. These attributes rollover in the direction of others in the hospital. It’s always regarding the small things we take for provided, like a hairstyle.

You see, Keith has a covert skill of reducing hair, and he is efficient it. He has enthusiastically provided this solution to our employees in the medical facility. He will absolutely not accept money or tipping for this solution. Keith has described that doing this solution is his contribution to the pandemic. He feels that it is a morale lifter; it provides people a sense of normality throughout a time of uncertainty. He takes pleasure in seeing people grin, once they see the final product, while being modest as well as not wanting any credit score.

Keith simply started this a week ago. He has quickly grown to be popular. He has around reached 50 workers, all who are grateful and value this act of compassion. We have actually even named his solution, “Keith’s Kovid Kuts.” We are so happy to have somebody of this quality on our team, combating next to us daily in the emergency clinic. Thank you!

To my favored Nurses in the World … particularly my very first relative Princess O. She is my hero … she is an “phenomenal” mother. My other Registered nurse Shout-Out is to my dear friend Clara M., one more impressive Registered nurse. I enjoy you both & all nurses. We recognize you!

This is for my spouse, Danielle Moore: My spouse is definitely incredible. She takes her person all over beyond job, she functions 3rd shift while homeschooling our youngsters. She commonly do without rest as well as still makes everyone in the home really feel special. She has the largest heart.
I would love to recognize my triplet sis Margaret Bradley-Moore for her compassionate and also unwavering commitment to serving others through-out her 40 plus years of nursing. She is my unsung hero defending HEALTHCARE FOR ALL.