Stories of Gratitude and Support
From Desiree Polak, RN

I want to give the biggest applause to my best friend Sara. While battling cancer, she studied to become an NP, cared for her children, held down her home as the sole supporter, and is a best friend, mentor, and supporter of her friends and family. Sara, you are amazing!!

From Taylor Rivera, RN

I want to send a big shout out to my supervisor Michelle Sommers at the VA in Union Grove for being the most caring, understanding, and hard-working nurse I know. She always is there to give a helping hand when needed and an open door when you need someone to talk to. Thanks!!

From Margaret Bowen, MSN, CHPN

I would like to recognize Dr. Carol Moriarity, Educator. Carol puts her whole being into sharing her expertise and producing the BEST Nurses into the profession. Students soon realize how lucky they are to have learned from her! They share that their success would be to make her proud!

From Gustavo Ortiz

This is for my sister Irma. She is currently a Peds nurse. She has always loved kids, building great relationships with her patients and their parents. I have seen her come home very tired every night but ready to get back up. She is the reason I am studying nursing!

From Stephanie Sifford, RN

To all my nursing and healthcare family, I want you all to know that somewhere along the way you inspired me, encouraged me, carried me, and lifted me. Without the support of a strong team, good shifts, and great outcomes would be few and far between.

From Kirsty Brock, RN, CHPN

I’m a team leader and just wanted to give a shout out to my entire team of nurses. They work tirelessly to care selflessly for our patients. offering comfort, support, and assistance 24/7. Even in the toughest and most heart-wrenching circumstances, they provide superior care.

Rosemary Biddle-Childress, Ed.D, CI

I would like to recognize all the student nurses I work with on a day to day basis. What is significant for me as an educator is offering moral support and letting student nurses know that they are not alone on this journey and that I am always there for them. You are members of a unique sisterhood, and you all play an essential role. I tell my students that they may have to take on roles that are unfamiliar to them because of the pandemic, but because of their ability to adapt in any situation, they are much needed. Their knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm are appreciated. As someone with years of experience working with new and seasoned nurses, I have seen how nursing has evolved and encourage nurses to stay focused, set goals that are reasonable and take time to care for themselves.
To Keith Cambe, RN

During this challenging time, Keith has risen to the occasion. He is tenacious, his work ethic admirable, supportive of his colleagues, and empathetic towards his patients. These traits carry over towards others in the hospital. It’s always about the small things we take for granted, like a haircut.

You see, Keith has a hidden talent of cutting hair, and he is good at it. He has graciously offered this service to our employees in the hospital. He will absolutely not accept money or tipping for this service. Keith has explained that doing this service is his contribution to the pandemic. He feels that it is a morale lifter; it gives people a sense of normalcy during a time of uncertainty. He enjoys seeing people smile, once they see the final product, while being humble and not wanting any credit.

Keith just started this a week ago. He has quickly grown to be popular. He has approximately reached 50 employees, all who are grateful and appreciate this act of kindness. We have even named his service, “Keith’s Kovid Kuts.” We are so proud to have someone of this caliber on our team, fighting beside us each day in the emergency room. Thank you!

From Crystal Overton
To my favorite Nurses in the World … especially my first cousin Princess O. She is my hero … she is an “extraordinary” mommy. My other Nurse Shout-Out is to my dear friend Clara M., another outstanding Nurse. I love you both & all nurses. We honor you!

From Steven Moore, LPN
This is for my wife, Danielle Moore: My wife is absolutely amazing. She takes her patient everywhere outside of work, she works 3rd shift while homeschooling our children. She often goes without sleep and still makes each person in the home feel special. She has the biggest heart.

To Margaret Moore, BSN, RN, SCCM
I would like to honor my triplet sister Margaret Bradley-Moore for her compassionate and unwavering dedication to serving others through-out her 40 plus years of nursing. She is my unsung hero FIGHTING FOR HEALTHCARE FOR ALL.