Notes of Gratitude

You could add a message to this wall in order to thank a nurse. You may show your gratitude towards the work they did, and if you loved the care and the kindness you can add their names as well.

Thank You Nurses


I would like to thank the whole staff. I lost all hopes when I arrived at the hospital. But the way these nurses took care of me really touched my heart.

I will always be thankful to them for all they have done for me.

Devine Nurse

Abbey C.

Nurse Mary not only helped me but also chipped in with her hard-earned money towards covering my hospital bills when my insurance cover was exhausted.

I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

May GOD Bless Her


My child was brought back to life, all was done by this wonderful nurse. It’s a shame on my part that I did not even ask her name.

May GOD bless her soul!

Heartfelt Blessing From Me

Ann Blesser

Keeping the facilities up and running is really hard. Over and above that, meeting the high-quality standards is what they strive for.

I salute all the nurses out there.

May GOD keep them healthy and bless them with a long life!

Feeling Emotional

June Matthews

Being a single mother is really hard. It becomes even tougher when there is an ailing child. Things really improved when I was assigned a great nurse at the hospital.

I really appreciate all the things that they did for my lovely child and made my child feel really special.


D. DeMello

Doing what they do could be really hard. They sacrifice their own safety and then they treat their patients. I really appreciate what all they do for us.