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Honoring the Importance of Self-Care


Capella is proud to have provided education to over 14,000 nurses, and we support nurses in every step of their self-care journeys, including offering flexible degrees that can help nurses better themselves and their patients. Bachelors, masters, and doctoral level degrees are available with Capella’s groundbreaking FlexPath learning format.

Nurses give so much of themselves and regularly chose to put the needs of others first. We know that the practice of self-care is critical for our mental and physical well-being. How can we make that critical move beyond talking about the importance of self-care towards true practice? I encourage all nurses to begin with self reflection. Consider the areas of your life that may be the most challenging and then develop your very own self-care plan.

Lisa Kreeger
Dean, Capella School of Nursing & Health Sciences

Healthcare of the Future

A detailed discussion of ways nurses can drive positive change within the health care system.


Learn the three pillars of a healthy workplace for nurses.

Smiling nurse

Population Health, Public Health, and the Social Determinants of Health

A discussion on education, removing scope-of-practice barriers, promoting diversity, and collaborating to lead care delivery.

Lacey Magen


I’m a better nurse, mentor, mom, wife, and student when I show up for my self-care needs before anyone else’s.

Lacey Magen
Sponsored MSN Capella FlexPath Student


6 Strategies to Manage the Emotional Intensity of Being a Nurse

Manage the ups and downs of emotions through these key strategies.

4 Ways to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is key for nurses. Dive into how to do it.

3 Strategies to Boost Health Care Employee Satisfaction

Learn how to boost employee satisfaction across your organization.


I believe finding ways to leave work, at work, is the key to avoiding burn out and staying positive even in difficult circumstances. In essence, be who you were and do what you loved to do before nursing, because you are so much more than what you do as a profession. 

Ayleen Voegele
Sponsored RN-to-BSN Capella FlexPath Student