#ElmhurstStrong #BehavioralHealthNurses

When Covid-19 came knocking on the door of Elmhurst Hospital, although the staff were not quite prepared, they answered without hesitation. Understandably the ER, ICUs and Med-Surg units were hit the hardest, behavioral health did not go unscathed. We saw our fair share of covid-19 cases, both patients and staff. We lost both patients and staff to this terrible disease. We dealt with the anxiety and fears of both patients and staff. Through it all, the staff in behavioral health persevered. Some even volunteered and trained to assist in the med-surg units. Many also volunteered to work on our behavioral health covid-unit. I so admire the staff here. I am impressed and humbled at the way everyone came together and supported each other. Thank you Elmhurst Nurses for what you did and what you continue to do for our patients!