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Digital Storybook

ANA Enterprise 2021 Initiatives / Digital Storybook
To be a nurse

A Digital Showcase of Experiences, Inspiration, and Reflection

Caring has made all the difference. I believe nursing is a career of sharing. A nurse's instinct is to be there for their patients and show them compassion.

Supported by
Capella University

Capella University values nurses and is honored to elevate the stories of nurses everywhere. Education can be an important piece of a nurse’s story which is why Capella is proud to have provided education to over 14,000 nurses. BSN, MSN, and DNP degrees are available with Capella’s groundbreaking FlexPath learning format.

To Be a Nurse is a collection of stories and photos from nurses around the world. Submitted during the Year of the Nurse, these stories showcase diverse experiences, inspiration, and reflections. We invite you to explore them all in this digital storybook, which features four chapters:

  • Leading by Example — stories of mentoring
  • Our Inspiration — stories of why nurses love being nurses
  • On the Front Lines — stories of resilience and courage
  • Recognizing Nurses — stories of gratitude and support